Water- Nibi   

The Penobscot River has become my church. It is where I go to pray, meditate and at times, cry.  Before I walk to the river, I fill a glass jar of water for my short walk through the woods. When I reach my favorite rock, I see all the natural beauty surrounding me; I look up river to see the abundance flowing towards me.  My heart smiles and I am happy. I remove the lid so the lull of the river can connect easily to the water in the jar.  I place it on the rock next to me. I remove my shoes and put my feet in the river, allowing the daily stressors to be washed away.  I offer a prayer of gratitude to prepare myself for meditation, close my eyes and listen to the river.

I continue to focus on the sound of the river. It guides me into a deep meditation. When done, I open my eyes and look at the river.  A feeling of divine reverence fills my being.  Remembering that the Penobscot Highway is the same highway my ancestors traveled, I drink the water from my jar.  I realize that this is the same water my ancestors drank hundreds of years earlier.  I am blessed!

One time, I looked up to watch an eagle as it swooped down to catch a fish close to the water.  He did it! He caught a fish. I am filled with joy!! Daily communing with the river, feeds my soul like nothing else has.  This scared element, we call Nibi, is the thread that weaves every living thing together, we all are connected. What we do to the water, we do to ourselves.

    – Jeanne Lewey