To preserve, protect and promote the traditional wisdom and culture of the five tribal nations of the Wabanaki Confederacy for the benefit of all People.

Vision and Values:

The Wabanaki Cultural Preservation Coalition is dedicated to preserving and promoting all aspects of Mic Mac, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Malicete, and Abenaki ceremonies, traditions, customs, and language through practice and education.  To advance this goal, we are deeply committed to the sacred, unbroken relationship between the People and the ancestral lands and waterways of the Wabanaki Confederacy.

The members of the Wabanaki Cultural Preservation Coalition feel a responsibility to ensure that the Wabanaki language and traditions continue to  live and evolve for many generations to come so that our children’s children will be empowered to carry on in this world with a foundation of identity knowing what it means to live on this land we call Wabanakek.  This vision includes people of Wabanaki heritage as well as all people that live upon the ancestral Wabanaki lands.

By preserving and sharing this Wabanaki  wisdom and culture through education and practice on specific, dedicated lands, the Wabanaki Cultural Preservation Coalition hopes to  bring a sense of stewardship, sustainability, self-sufficiency, confidence, community, belonging and purpose to ourselves and others.

We believe that by working with our land and our cultural traditions, we can heal ourselves and promote healing in others, and in so doing we can heal the greater environment and recreate the symbiotic, reciprocal relationship with our Mother Earth enjoyed by the ancestors of the Wabanaki People.

Board Members