When I think of Soul I’m reminded of a seed, a seed that transforms in nature to life and back to the earth, I think that Soul travels in the same cycles of life.

Soul being one of many Souls and the seed of a larger Soul it transforms in order to become an expression of Creation.

Soul desires to be acknowledged in the realm of creation as an expression of its creator, Soul celebrates its existence as part of the larger.

When this doesn’t happen you might call this Soul sickness and it may show itself in many symptoms; the Souls cry for acknowledgement and celebration.

This is where I feel that ceremony comes in to dance and sing with other souls to celebrate their existence in creation and to acknowledge their creator and ask for guidance and strength to continue this journey of Soul.

Ceremony,celebration,and to acknowledge the part of ourselves that is infinite is the healing that we all seek in this creation; just to be a part of all that is.               

       – Tim Shay