Today we know the experience of the past seven generations and how it brought us to a pivotal point in our existence. Nibezun aims to begin the process of healing through seven components of healing; Mind, Body, Soul, Social, Earth, Culture, Water. Each of these components promote the healthy life ways planting seeds of healing by way of Wabanaki culture, ceremonies, traditions and language.

  • Mind – The mind is the element of reasoning, emotion, and perception. A healthy mind is important to the vitality of the self and the group. The healing of the mind opens...<read more>
  • Body – To heal the body can seem so simple sometimes. It’s earthly, it’s physiology, it’s chemicals and processes which we know well in the world of science and health...<read more>
  • Soul – When I think of Soul I’m reminded of a seed, a seed that transforms in nature to life and back to the earth,  I think that Soul travels in the same cycles of life…<read more>
  • Social – As human beings we are social creatures. Through family, extended family, and community or tribes we are nurtured in culture, language, and lifeways…<read more>
  • Earth – Our foundation, our very existence is totally dependent on this third rock from the sun and moon. Our ancient oral history tells us about…<read more>
  • Culture – One of the seven components of healing at Nibezun will incorporate strengthening of our mother tongue. For hundreds of years, the impacts of…  <read more>
  • Water – The Penobscot River has become my church. It is where I go to pray, meditate and at times, cry.  Before I walk to the river, I fill a glass jar of water… <read more>
  • Ceremony – Ceremony as a healing process goes back in time to many cultures to the very beginning of time…<read more>