The mind is the element of reasoning, emotion, and perception. A healthy mind is important to the vitality of the self and the group. The healing of the mind opens the doors to growth, love, and acceptance. Nibezun aims to strengthen the mind through the utilization of connections; connections to the earth, to others, and to the community. The healing of the mind will be accomplished through the traditional uses of the land, the connections and memories made with the people around you, and the realization of the self within the community/world. Wabanaki traditions emphasize the importance of living life through cooperation. It is through the practice of sharing that relationships are maintained. The relationship of the self to the land harnesses a sense of appreciation. The relationship of the self to others establishes supportive networks. The relationship of the self to the community allows for a sense of belonging. It is through these connections that the mind will prosper.

~Nicole Altvater