Our foundation, our very existence is totally dependent on this third rock from the sun and moon. Our ancient oral history tells us about the beginnings of humans here on earth. All the soil, water, and air are our ancestors. We use the same soil that our ancestors used and were buried in. We drink the same water our ancestors drank and the blood from them is the water now. The air is the same air that our ancestors inhaled. It all has a memory of those who came before us. We are a living, breathing, bleeding part of Earth. We will not exist without her, Mother Earth.

Healing implies that there is sickness….Our air, water, and land is polluted with toxins that come from industries that were/are not regulated. We are being exposed daily to environmental pollution and it is our duty to work on a solution for all of our future generations to come.

Some of the solutions that we as a coalition have and will be working on are: growing and teaching Gardening to grow our own food to reduce our use of fossil fuel. We are wild harvesting local foods that are in season such as maple syrup, fiddlehead ferns, traditional medicines, and fish.

We are taught and teaching to identify and only take every 7th plant that is needed for healing, food, and materials for utilitarian uses. We are teaching what and how to harvest and prepare plant material in the peak seasons that it is available.

As our participants learn and reconnect with Earth and nature we see a physical relaxation come over them. We instruct them to slow down, use their 5 senses to understand nature. It is essential for all humans to reconnect with Earth.

The benefits of gardening and food growing for health and wellbeing

Wellbeing Gardening – Gardening for the Body, Mind & Spirit

Composting is another way we are reducing our impact on our environment, we are removing and using “waste” material from our food production process to build our soil. In the United States, 30-40% of the food supply is wasted, equaling more than 20 pounds of food per person per month ends up in landfills.

Our hopes in “The Seven Seeds of Healing “(EARTH ) is to literally plant seeds, wild harvest, and support the soil life forms by recycling organic matter into our compost bins. Along with Healing our local and extended communities by teaching gardening, wild harvesting, and mental sensory exercises to help our participants to reconnect with Earth and by extension reconnect with health.

In the future we will build a greenhouse on the property to extend the growing season and help reduce overall costs of food needs at the facility. (New programs and teachings will be added to the calendar.)

~Nicole Johnson