To heal the body can seem so simple sometimes. It’s earthly, it’s physiology, it’s chemicals and processes which we know well in the world of science and health.

I work the business of the body on a daily basis. Take a history, perform an examination and evaluate further, reaching a diagnosis which we treat. Simple. This occurs thousands of times a day across this country. And yet, we see disease spread like wildfire, cancer take our loved ones, pain showing itself in more ways then a nerve can explain. So how do we heal the body? That’s a question we’ve been trying to answer for a millennium. I believe the answer lies in bringing forward our life-ways from long ago.

Our bodies are designed to heal. It has an amazing ability to eat a fast-food meal, survive weeks of sedentary life, deprive itself of sleep and still live each day. But this adds up. Rather, these corrections of the body subtract from our reserves. The innate healing powers run a deficit.

As we know, the body requires proper nutrition, movement and sleep to replenish our reserves. But this is only the beginning. Our bodies live in a context which is embodied by the seven elements: the seven seeds of healing. Our intention is to use the knowledge of today and our teachings from the past generations, to bring balance to the context of our bodies, restore our reserves, and allow our bodies to perform the inherent function: to heal itself.

~Ben Huerth