Tim Shay, President – professional stone sculptor, artist, and spiritual leader, Penobscot.

Benjamin Huerth M.D. – physician at Penobscot Indian Health Center, Winnebago and Ojibwe

Jeanne Lewey, Treasurer- Mother and Grandmother, Cultural Consultant, Penobscot and Malecite.

Madeline Huerth – Student/Youth Representative Penobscot and Winnebago.

Sharon Tomah – Executive Director of Wabanaki Health & Wellness, Passamaquoddy.

Shiwa Noh –  Director of Noh Way School in Bangor, Maine, Tai Chi Instructor.

Andrew J. Kull, Esq. – MittelAsen, LLC, Business and Nonprofit Attorney

Nicole Altvater – Prevention Coordinator for Wabanaki Public Health, Passamaquoddy